Litter "D"

Date of born: 26th August 2021
♂ 1; ♀ 5

1 girl is available for reservation

C.I.B., Champion of HU, CZ, SK, VDH, AT
Union Jack iz Moskovskoy Metely "Yunik"
Hips AA/00, Eyes last checked on January 2019: healthy (including gonioscopy
DNA test for PRA: clear
Familiar nephropathy (Laboklin): DNA test - clear

Merle gene (Laboklin): DNA test - non-carrier

SK Junior Champion, SK beauty Champion, Club Champion
Blooming Coralina Violet´s meadow "Cori"
Hips: AA, eyes last checked on April 2020: Healthy (including gonioscopy), both her parents are XL-PRA negative

If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel, please fill in our questionnaire for future puppies owners.


Information for promising future owners of puppies from our kennel

For our puppies we are looking for loving families where they will be not only a dog, but also a family member and will be best taken care of him. We would like to be in contact with future owners, to know about health of our puppies about their show, breeding or sport successes as well as failures.  

Puppies will leave to abroad at the age allowed by the country to which they will be imported. They will be dewormed and vaccinated several times, chipped with valid PET PASS. They will be loved, socialized and accustomed to various situations as well. They will be fed with quality Slovak food.

The puppy package will contain, for example:

- Export pedigree 


- Puppies information

- information about siblings and parents of puppies

- worming and vaccination information

- information about grooming, feeding, education ...

-toys, rewards and other surprises for puppy and owner :)