Something about me, my dogs and how it all started...

Hi, my name is Paulina and I am 25 years old. I was born in Galanta, where we still live. I graduated from a high school in Ivanka pri Dunaji (agribusiness-cynology) and I am currently a recent graduate of Mendel University in Brno (Animal breeding). I have been surrounded by animals since I was born, as my older sister Monika was and still is a big animal maniac. Therefore, we have always had several species of animals at home - from dogs, cats, snakes, mice, rats, ferrets to goats and chickens. Monika taught me an incredible amount, for which I am extremely grateful to her and I can't even imagine my life without animals. Until 2004, we always had dogs at home without a pedigree. Until Monika and I convinced our mom to buy for us a purebred dog with pedigree - Sendy (* 2004- † 2018). Sendy was a Labrador retriever and Monika started breeding labrador retrievers in her kennel "Serene Sunset". In 2007 we brought our Jessy from the Czech Republic (Hylda Erebia Manto, papillon, * 2007) and a year later we kept Buffynka from the "B" litter (Buffy Serene Sunset - Labrador Retriever, * 2008). In this year we bought Lucifer (Ares Karpatská svorka - Československý vlčiak, * 2008- † 2020) he lived in our company near from our home. In 2010 we finally brought our Libi (Mr. Liberio Porubský květ - Papillon, * 2010). This is such a brief history of our dogs. Monika moved with her Labradors to Prague where she lives to this day. Me and my mom are living here in small village near to Galanta with Libi, Jessy, my girls, about whom I write a little lower and in addition to dogs, we also have chickens at home:)...

Nellynka (R.I.P)
Nellynka (R.I.P)

Why and how Samoyed?

Since I studied cynology in high school, I decided to buy a dog that will be only mine ... I started looking for a suitable breed, I did not want a German Shepherd or Labrador Retriever, because everyone has dogs like these... And then I realized that I want a dog that will be beautiful, obedient, which will not be in every yard, will have his own head, but not least, which will have an amazing nature. As I looked at the dog breeds, out of nowhere, in my mind lit up a picture of that beautiful, always smiling white "Samoyed" and I said to myself that it would be beautiful to have a dog with whom I would always smile :) ... And so I started looking for a good kennel that plans puppies with nice and healthy parents. After not a long search, I found the kennel Xsara´s hope where the puppies were planned for next year, so I decided to write them an e-mail. I was in a lot of tension as I was only about 15 years old at the time and I didn't know if there would be a problem with that or if I would be able to save money for the puppy. After a long time of waiting and constantly checking my e-mails, I received an e-mail from breeder Emily Múdra from kennel Xsara´s hope. My heart almost exploded from happiness that she liked me as a future owner of her puppy. And so, after a year of saving, I finally had it, and my dream Violet was born!

About how we are slowly growing ...

So our first Samoyed puppy Violet (Celestial Calypso Xsara´s hope) came to us. As Violka grew, it was time to go for the healthy check-ups that were needed for bonitation. After the first examination, however, a wound under the waist came to me ... Violet was found to have goniodysplasia (hereditary eye disease). And then my whole world "collapsed" because I was so looking forward to keeping a puppy after a perfect, lovely Violet. But today I perceive it differently and I know that everything is happening for some reason :). At that time I received a second puppy as a "replacement" for her. And so in 2014 I brought home our Rheia (Daydream Delaware Xsara´s hope). Violka finally had a companion to play and invent. Rheia was successfull at dog shows and also she became a approved brood bitch and so began her show and breeding career. Her first litter was bred in her kennel "Xsara´s hope" under the letter "G". In 2017 I registered my kennel called "Violet´s meadow" and then in 2018 our first puppies were born - Litter A. A year later I bred our litter B, from which I kept the most loving Cori (Blooming Coralina Violet´s meadow). Since our beloved Lucifer (Ares Carpathian Clamp) left us forever in 2020, we decided to welcome another member of our pack and that is our Dorka (Colette Gazdovstvo biela podkova) who is a proud representative of our national breed - Slovak Cuvac, but Dory will be living with our daddy in the company as a guard dog, but once in a while she will visit us at home :). In 2021, after a long decision, saving money and searching, I came across a planned litter of puppies in Latvia (coincidentally, the day after I decided not to look anymore: D) and so our Ella came to our family (Crown Princess Mia Baltic Brilliant) and since our litter was born after the dog I had dreamed of for many years, I decided to keep his daughter with her name (Violet´s meadow) at home.
And in the yard it's a little happier again :) ....

Our activities

First of all, my girls are pets, they spend their time in their room where they have their place where they hide when there is a storm, a lot of heat or they just don't want to be outside. If I lived alone, they are on our couch inside every day, but since I live with my mom, I have to control myself a little so that she can handle it with us mentally and physically and not move us out... :)

Probably our biggest hobby are dog shows. I try to make the shows for my dogs not a "suffering" but a place where we enjoy moments together. I focus on their concentration and joy of showing, not for 100% perfect handling.

In addition to exhibitions, we do dog tricks at home, canicross just for better bodies :D, recreational tourism, and in 2020 we started scootering and hersenwerk with dogs. Of course, we spend most of our time together with the dogs walking through nature, playing, going crazy, but also lounging in our garden, or running after trips.

How we breed

Each of our puppies is bred in accordance with FCI rules. We are a small kennel with 1 litter per year, our puppies are the center of attention and we dedicate all our time and energy to them.

In breeding we use healthy dogs of standard height with a typical nature for the Samoyed breed. They are tested for all available health and genetic tests recommended for this breed. We feed our dogs and puppies Slovak food "Bodreek" and we often add other supplements of animal or plant origin to their diet.

What is my goal?

My goal in breeding is to raise puppies, which will primarily be irreplaceable members of their future families. I emphasize socialization, as I realize that the first 8 weeks of life are authoritative for the puppy and his adulthood. I think that when choosing a dog for families, the personality of the puppy should be in the first place and sometimes my monitoring of puppies may not be enough and therefore I decided to test each of our litters from litter "D" by Volhard's personality test, which is helpful in determining individual characteristics of the dog and help you choose the right home for each puppy. The test results will either confirm us in a previous observation, or the test will alert us to something we may not have noticed.

In addition to the nature and socialization, the health of my dogs and also the puppies is important to me. Therefore, I try to find dogs with the best possible results of health or genetic tests. Last but not least, the exterior of the dog is important for me. Everyone wants to have a beautiful dog at home with a typical smile and a beautiful white coat. I am therefore trying to find exteriorly balanced dogs that could be a benefit to my breeding. Breeding is a long-distance run and therefore sometimes requires a large number of compromises. They will show us in the future whether they were successful or not.

I am aware that no dog is perfect, but my inner feeling when choosing parents of puppies is most important to me. I also counting with the fact that this feeling can sometimes be wrong and the puppies are not exactly as I imagined, but I think that this belongs to breeding and not everything has to work out the way we dreamed. I think it is not important to look for a way to breed an ideal Samoyed with ever higher demands, but on the contrary, to try to preserve the nature, health and exterior of this amazing breed, as it was preserved for us by its founders.