Litter "D"

Date of born: 26th August 2021
♂ 1; ♀ 5

C.I.B., Champion of HU, CZ, SK, VDH, AT
Union Jack iz Moskovskoy Metely "Yunik"
Hips AA/00, Eyes last checked on January 2019: healthy (including gonioscopy
DNA test for PRA: clear
Familiar nephropathy (Laboklin): DNA test - clear

Merle gene (Laboklin): DNA test - non-carrier

SK Junior Champion, SK beauty Champion, Club Champion
Blooming Coralina Violet´s meadow "Cori"
Hips: AA, eyes last checked on April 2020: Healthy (including gonioscopy), both her parents are XL-PRA negative